What we do

Since we started Aquinas Education in 2009, we have specialised solely on educational recruitment and are experts in the field.

We connect fantastic candidates with fantastic schools, ranging from teachers to senior leaders and support staff.

We follow a thorough onboarding process, matching the right teacher to the right school. Working closely with our schools and their teams allows us to really understand the schools needs, unique ethos and environment.

Our approach is transparent and accountable from top to bottom, allowing us to create outstanding long-term partnerships with our schools and trusts.

We use our social media platforms to improve our staffing pool and attract talented teachers from the UK, and overseas.


How we recruit

Recommendations and referrals are Ian important tool for us with our own teachers recommending their friends and colleagues to join us.

We regularly run recruitment events throughout the UK and overseas

Our overseas recruitment programme involves partnering with universities in Ireland, Canada, America, Australia and New Zealand to recruit and bring the best overseas teachers to the UK.

The Aquinas Platform advertises live jobs and uses all of our SEO and social media tools to attract applicants and recruit new teachers for our pool.

Our social media channels have an incredible reach with over 3 million hits per week on our Instagram channel.

Our own in-house team meet and interview every candidate and then take them through a full vetting process to give you absolute security and ensure they are ready to go from day one.


How we retain and motivate our team

Recruitment is just the start of the process and for us retaining teachers is even more important.

Our Teacher Retention Program aims to address the challenges associated with retaining highly skilled and motivated teachers within educational institutions. We have created a supportive and enriching environment which promotes professional growth, job satisfaction and work-life balance for teachers.

We always ensure that teachers receive competitive salaries, an unrivalled benefits packages, and recognition for their achievements to acknowledge their dedication and expertise.

By retaining our team of highly experienced educators, you can be assured that the our team will provide better continuity in education, foster a positive culture with students, and enhance student achievement.


Long term supply and permanent positions

Aquinas strive to fill the gap, supporting Schools with long term and permanent positions.

We offer schools a number of unique initiatives and options to find the right candidate.

  • Free trial days.
  • No temp to perm fees
  • Instant access to 1000s of fully vetted candidates.
  • CPD offered to all candidates.
  • Incentives and bonuses.
  • Private healthcare.
  • Guaranteed salaries.
  • Guaranteed contracts for teachers and teaching assistants.
  • Free SEO advertisement across various platforms.
  • Presenting our schools at universities and recruitment events.
  • Exclusive access to our long term staff.
  • Access to our graduate staff pool of PME students who teach whilst training.

The Aquinas Foundation

Established in 2009, we aim to inspire and encourage pupils to excel in their educational journey.

The foundation supports schools, with an aim to close the gaps in behaviour, attainment and attendance.

Offering incentives and introducing motivational role models to school allows us to inspire children, and communicate the importance of education, and the opportunities it provides.

Our fully tailored incentives include celebrity speakers, sporting events, vouchers, educational prizes, sports kit sponsorship, anti bullying schemes, day trips and more.


How Aquinas can support your Trust

We aim to support you over and above our core role of recruiting and supply great staff for your school.

Using our social reach to support schools to advertise and promote courses

Using our own owned social media platforms allows us to reach over 3.5m people every month.

Filtering and filling vacancies

Utilising the Aquinas Platform and App gives you access to our pool of active users to advertise courses and open positions.

Hosting events and sourcing motivational speakers

We have access to an incredible range of speakers who can visit schools and motivate pupils

Inspiring students

The Aquinas Foundation aims to work closely with you to inspire young individuals to ‘chase the rainbow’ and achieve their goals.

Would your Diocese benefit from a partnership with Aquinas?

With an official partnership with Aquinas you can be assured of an exceptional level of service and a supply of teachers who are fully interviewed, vetted and tested by us to ensure they are of exactly the right quality and ethos your diocese needs.

With a partnership, we assign a full time team to work with you. They will be fully trained and understand everything about your diocese, your aims, ethos and values.

If you think partnership could benefit your trust or your diocese, please get in touch via the form below, or call our Partnership Director, James Freeman on +44 7494 450 164